It first time I use supermicro server, and I think it's good to share how I set supermicro server for the first time. I hope this information can help you.

Supermicro server Front View Panel (Superserver 5018A-FTN4)

Supermicro Rear I/O Port information. It can help you to define the NIC port in your operating system that you use. 

NB: To connect IPMI Management Supermicro, using IPMI Lan Port.

Enable IPMI Port to Remote Management Functionality, 

  1. Power on Supermicro Server (For This Steep I need Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor to first Running) and Hit Del button.
  2. Bios Set-up is appear.
    ·         Go to IPMI tab·         Choice BMC Network Configuration·         Hit Enter
  3. BMC Network Configuration – Phase 1
    ·         Hit Configuration Address Source·         Choice Static
  4. BMC Network Configuration – Phase 2

    ·         Hit Station IP address, to define IP that you want to use (3)·         Hit Subnet mask, to define net mask of IP (4)·         Hit Router IP address, to define gateway address where you put your server on your subnet segment

  5. Hit F4 button to save and exit, Hit Yes
  6. Connect to Supermicro Mangaement, Using WEB-UI. Type the IP IPMI management on browser.
    ·         User: ADMIN (Case Sensitive)·         Password : ADMIN (Case Sensitive)

You can manage supermicro server from your browser. after do the last task. Feel free for discussion