I thinks, there a lot of guide about this problem and how to solving the problem. But I want to try my solving to. Hope this post can solve yours.

First I meet this issue, when I want to Install my Debian 8 in VMWare Workstation 10. I using Debian 8 i386 64. Then this issue appear, like this:

I using lenovo thinkpad l421, to enable intel vt-x, I have to enter the bios first, Following this step:

  1. Restart the windows then Press F1 when Lenovo Logo appear in the first boot. When bios appear choice Config

  2. In Config menu, choice to CPU

  3. In CPU menu, you can enable Intel VT-x, just Enter Intel (R) Virtualization Technology, then choice Enabled

  4. Then hit F10, to save change then exit.

You can verify with download Speccy then view your System Information. This verification view, my windows have enabled Intel VT-x

After this, you can running debian 8 with 64 bit system operation. Wish you luck