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Monday, August 10, 2015

VMWare on Superserver 5018A-FTN4

I hope this information can help you, when you Install VMWare on Supermicro Superserver  5018A-FTN4. I looking information about VMWare compatibility with this Hardware, But I found nothing. From supermicro website sys-5018a-ftn4. This device using [ A1SRi-2758F ] board, with atom processor. I looking os compatibility for this motherboard but there is no VMWare OS can be Installed with this motherboard.

If, you do force install, the OS can't discovered NIC's device.

It can solved with Install VMWare ESxi 6.0, Although in ESxi 6.0 not publish this device is included in compatibility list when I search in http://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/search.php. Now, I running VMWare ESxi 6.0 in my supermicroserver. All function is like normal. Some information that can I share for you like this:

Then This is Performance profile

I'll Update it if something wrong during use this OS

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